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Hellenic Center for Additive Manufacturing

Our team provides completed services and technological solutions, research, training and education, to all interested parties, in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM). We offer state of the art infrastructure, technical skills and expert’s advices!


The main services of H-CAM SA are state of the art infrastructure, technical skills and experts’ advice for:

H-CAM is addressed to companies whitch are active in the fields of automotive, aerospace, transport, but also health, as well as in more “traditional” sectors of industry.


What is 3D printing?

The field of Additive Manufacturing is a transformative approach to industrial production that allows the rapid creation of lighter, stronger, and better-quality of spare parts and systems, mainly with the technology known as 3D Printing.

What can 3D printing offer to the world?

3D printing brought technological revolution to the world and managed to reshape it. The method of 3D printing has greatly affected the world of production, with the following effects: