Partners :

Nine (9) strong innovative bodies participate in the shareholding structure of H-CAM SA. To be precise, eight (8) companies and one (1) research institute participate, with a strong presence in Greece, and also internationally. The type of the companies covers several fields of the construction sector, from pharmaceutical to aerospace.

CBL Patras SA

The company was founded in 1990 to provide new chemicals in the synthesis of peptides. Its foundation was based on the discovery and development of trityl resins, including 2-chlorotrityl chloride resin. CBL is one of the largest suppliers of peptide materials in the world, offering peptide raw materials, intermediate peptides and industrial and commercial scale production of proprietary and generic GMP and non-GMP peptides.

CBL was founded with the discovery and development of trityl resins, including 2-chlorotrityl chloride resin. Since its inception, CBL has maintained strong roots as a peptide technology company, demonstrating the role of technology in commercial applications. CBL develops unique peptide reagents, such as mmt / mtt protected Fmoc-cysteine ​​and Fmoc-lysine, and synthetic techniques to further enhance the commercial growth of even the most complex peptides.

Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas (FORTH)

FORTH is the largest research center in the country, with nine (9) research institutes and three (3) Special Structures which are based and are operating in eight (8) cities in Greece.

FORTH focuses on innovative interdisciplinary research directions of great social and economic interest, with high added value.

Its Institutes are active in fields that cover the Natural Sciences and Engineering Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, as well as Humanities and Social Sciences. It collaborates closely with leading Academic and Research institutions in Greece and abroad, emphasizing in the education and training of young scientists. It contributes significantly to Regional Development in the areas where it operates and has a leading role in the design and implementation of Smart Specialization strategies in Greece.


MIRTEC SA is a Technological company, operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Development & Investments. The company is active in Applied and Industrial Research, Technological Development, Certification & Quality Control of a wide range of materials and industrial products, focusing on strengthening the industrial competitiveness in crucial for the national economy sectors.

With privately owned accredited laboratories, MIRTEC SA offers a wide range of services in the evaluation of the conformity of products/services/processes/systems and is a notified Certification Body in Europe (Notif. No. 0437). The company represents Greece in the International Certification Network IQNet, is a member of Oeko-Tex, IECEE CB (ENEC, CCA & HAR Group) and designated (FEK 4667/8.10.2021) as the Greek Technical Assessment Body (TAB) for issuing European Technical Assessments (ETAs) for Construction Products.

With long-term activity in applied industrial research and established collaborations with National and European Research Centers, MIRTEC today focuses in industrial innovation with operation of Pilot production lines for advanced materials.

MIRTEC’s technological services in advanced materials are recognized by the highly competitive markets in Europe and USA.

In H-CAM, MIRTEC promotes the development and production of 3D printed products.


MONOLITHOS company Recycling Technologies Ltd, was established in 2000 with the aim of recycling deactivated car catalytic converters. In 2002 it expanded to the manufacture / marketing of new ready-to-install catalytic converters as aftermarket spare parts. In 2007 it expanded into the car exhaust market, launching cooperation with major construction companies abroad.

The company recycles deactivated car catalytic converters. The company has received licenses for the collection / transfer of deactivated catalytic converters for cars from all 13 regions of the country, while it has a storage and pre-processing license for its facilities at the Platonos Academy in Attica. It has contracted with the alternative management system of end-of-life vehicles (EDOE SA) and cooperates with a large number of garages and scrap yards in the country.

Neweleven Capital

Neweleven Capital focuses primarily on three key areas: Food & Beverage, Technology and Tourism, while is being flexible in considering specific situations and opportunities of deep value.

They provide funds and strategic resources and work in collaboration with management teams to help companies create value, improve their organizations, create synergies, optimize capital structures and expand with new products in markets beyond Greece.

They are flexible to invest in different types of transactions and / or to co-invest with other investors who share the same values ​​with them.


OHB Hellas single Member LLC, which is a subsidiary of the German multinational technology group OHB SE based in Germany, started operating in Greece. OHB Hellas is 100% owned by OHB SE. The creation of this company follows the Memorandum signed in December 2017 with the Greek State (Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications & Media).

OHB Hellas is the first exclusive company Space Systems in Greece with the ambition to develop space companies in cooperation with the already established local space companies.

OHB Hellas creates an opportunity for young Greek engineers with incentives to work in the space industry in Greece. It intends to contribute to the return to Greece of Greek scientists, engineers and generally highly educated professionals working abroad.


Raymetrics was founded in 2002. Raymetrics, is the first atmospheric company LIDAR in the world.

Its goal is to be pioneers in addressing environmental challenges through our software platform and unique integration capabilities. These allow them to analyze data provided by a LIDAR constellation and other advanced sensors.


  • Meteorology
  • Environment
  • Innovation

UBITECH is a leading, highly innovative software company, integrated systems and

technology provider, founded to provide cutting-edge smart technical solutions and consulting services to businesses, organizations to enable efficient, secure access and communication with various heterogeneous information resources and services, anytime and anywhere.

Founded in Athens in 2005, UBITECH focuses on the European market and receives numerous Community and national grants for new R&D initiatives. UBITECH has expanded its operations with targeted international activities through its affiliates, subsidiaries and offices in Limassol (Cyprus) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).



  • Meteorology
  • Environment
  • Innovation