Who we are

The reason for the establishment of H-CAM SA was that the field of Additive Manufacturing, is a transformational approach to industrial production, which allows the rapid and flexible production of components, spare parts and systems with desirable properties , mainly with technology known as 3D Printing.

H-CAM SA aspires to be a unique one – stop – shop in Southeastern (SE) Europe, providing integrated services and technological solutions, research, training and education to all interested in the field of Additive Manufacturing , allowing the integration of pioneering approaches and technologies from a number of innovative companies operating within Greece and abroad.

H-CAM SA is a Competence Center which covers several fields of the construction sector, from pharmaceutical to aerospace with Additive Manufacturing technology. Competence Centers is a challenging project of General Secretariat of Research and Innovation (GSRI) where private and public sector are collaborating together in order to transfer high Technology Readiness Level (TRL) technologies to the market.  

Objectives of H-CAM SA

The establishment and operation of H-CAM SA has clear and unambiguous objectives regarding its operation and its expected results:

H-CAM SA Services

The main services of H-CAM SA is that it will provide state of the art infrastructure, technical skills and experts’ advice for:

  • Prototypes' Manufacturing

  • Testing of new designs and materials.

  • Original and customized construction of small spare parts in various industries.

  • Design and manufacture of new components and products.

  • Certification for a high level quality of industrial products.

H-CAM SA is addressed to companies active in the fields of automotive, aerospace, transport, but also health, as well as in more “traditional” sectors of industry.

Administrative structure of H-CAM SA

The Administrative structure of H-CAM SA is representing in the following diagram

    • Board of Directors
      • General Manager
        • Business Operation
        • Sales & Marketing
        • Administrative Services
        • Equipment & Facilities
        • Research & Development