Technology Development

Technology Development

Customer demands, new certification & standards, force industry to develop new technologies. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is the major tool for this development, producing functional materials for new applications.

Feasibility Study

A detailed feasibility study is created to identify the technology, material and process that suits best from the manufacturing and business aspect.

Technology & Material Modifications ​

Each application is unique. Most of the time is required to make small or major tweaks to manufacturing technology or materials' properties and achieve outstanding results.

Research & Development Activities

Research is a vital part of a company’s structure. Outsourcing and actively engage in R&D duties will improve both the business and technical capital resources.

We can

develop, create and validate new modifications for production like:

testing the manufacturability of new high-complexity designs

studying the effect of technology or materials on functionality

creating a pilot series

Printing capabilities

FFF/ FDM manufacturing Continuous DLP Large Format Additive
Printing Volumes
400 x 200 x 400 mm 180 x 101 x 175 mm 2000 x 1500 x 1500 mm
Materials (Filament) Materials (Resin) Materials (Pellet)
PLA, PETG, ASA, Polypropylene, TPE, TPU, Carbon-filled, ESD-safe and more… Polyurethane-like resins, Flexible, Semi-translucent silicones, Silicones, Fire retardant and more… PLA, PETG, ASA, Polypropylene Carbonfiber-filled, Glassfiber-filled and more….