The participation of H-CAM S.A. in 3DENT Project One-Day Conference

👏 The participation of H-CAM S.A. in 3DENT project one-day conference has been successfully completed. Our Scientific Manager, Dr. Vassileios Dracopoulos gave a talk entitled: “Applications of 3D printing in the health sector”.

🔹 The 3DENT project one-day conference has been an excellent opportunity for the presentation of our services along with the exchange of views and knowledge of H-CAM S.A. in the development of new technologies in the dentistry sector. The Competence Center, H-CAM S.A., can provide solutions regarding implants, pre-operational check, as well as with the development of personalized devices in the fields of orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery.

🙏🏼 We would like to thank Dr. Dia Andreouli, Director of Research & Development Department of MIRTEC S.A., who gave us the opportunity to present our activities and network with the consortium partners, i.e. the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) – School of Mining/ Metallurgical Engineering, Lino 3D and Novamind.